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Why we chose metal roof for hurricane proof?

Why we chose metal roof for hurricane proof?


Compare with traditional roof(Shingle roof) with metal roofing system

For the difference of metal roofing system with traditaional roofing,you can see below compare picture:

They are not only with big difference in beauty,there is also a big difference in the stability of the roof.Let's talk about it when the house after hurricane.
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Top Hurricane After damage the Traditional Roofing System(Shingle roof)

Asphalt shingles are probably the most common material used in residential roofing in America today. It has been estimated that around 80% of American homes have asphalt shingle roofs.

If you build a house with traditional shingle roofing system,after hurricane season,you may need to re-build the house again because the roof was damage almost.That's a big project to do it. The cost is very expensive.

Due to the asphalt shingles being pretty lightweight they can sometimes be susceptible to wind damage. Strong winds have been known to lift or tear these shingles off pretty easily.

While they are the most affordable option, tile, metal and slate roofs are perhaps more durable and have a longer lifespan. Excess moisture and heat can shorten the lifespan of the asphalt shingles.

The damaging of these shingles can expose your roof structure to the elements thus further damaging it. Excess moisture can also lead to the growth of moss and vegetation on your roof which may block water from running off your roof.

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Even if we can't find any roof that can completely resist the hurricane, but the appropriate design can effectively resist the hurricane damage to the roof, such as the metal roof.

Yet, in the aftermath of a hurricane’s landfall, it is not uncommon to see photographs that show metal roofing panels wrapped around a tree or buildings missing all or parts of their metal roof.There is no roof system can stand up 100% the damage from the nature.

While these images make for sensational media views, they create a skewed perception about metal roofing’s performance in high wind events.

While hurricane-proof might be a stretch, it isn’t a stretch to say that metal roofing stands up better to the wrath of mother nature than other roofing choices.

When properly engineered and installed, metal roofing continues to garner more and more attention for its outstanding performance in post-hurricane analysis.

Advantages of Metal Roofing System

Why Top Hurricane Can damage the Metal Roofing System

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While crazy things occur when a hurricane makes landfall, the majority of roofing failures come back to one of these six issues,let’s examine each of these a bit further:

1.Lack of proper engineering

An old adage says the best defense is a good offense. That statement certainly applies in any discussion of metal roofing and hurricane preparedness.

While local building codes typically mandate performance expectations (Miami Dade, for example), it’s always best to take things one step further and consult an engineer to discuss your project specifics and review relevant product data. It may even be prudent to request the engineer create signed project-specific calculations.

Yes, you’ll likely spend a few thousand dollars on engineering fees. Still, if it helps you better “weather the storm,” most would agree that it’s money well spent since lack of proper engineering is one of the most common reasons for metal roof failure in hurricane events.

2.Faulty installation

Installation errors represent another major cause of hurricane-related metal roof failures. In some cases, the errors may be intentional and, in others, an oversight. Clip spacing is an excellent example because it directly affects panel performance for wind and uplift values.

3.Underperforming components like doors and windows

A metal roof system can be properly engineered and installed for high winds but fail if an underperforming door or window blows out, creating upward pressures in the home.

4.Panel uplift or tear-off due to excessive wind speeds.

Properly designed and installed metal roofs are often attached to the structure unless splashing debris causes physical damage and will not leak once the storm subsided. The overall performance of a metal roof depends on many variables that affect rising pressure and wind speed. The height, shape, roof spacing, width, and topography of the building all affect the force a structure bears during a hurricane. With this in mind, it is challenging to extensively say that a particular system performs well in all cases. That is why we recommend working with licensed engineers to determine the performance you can expect.

5.Water infiltration due to extreme wind speeds and wind-driven rain

Tests of metal roof systems ensured that they remain waterproof under hurricane-force winds. However, it is extremely important that installation details be to ensure resistance to wind-driven rainfall.

6.Panel damage caused by flying debris.

Panel damage caused by flight debris was another common culprit for hurricane-related metal roof damage.

In many cases, the metal panels experienced aesthetic damage, but the roof system remained waterproof. The following two photos can tell you to see.

metal tiles for roofmetal sheet supplier

As you can see, some green roof panels were blown off in the storm. The blue roof panels on the roof of a nearby property remain intact;

however, approximately 20% of the blue panels need to be replaced to compensate for the external damage to the green roof panels flying in the air (as shown in the second picture). While unfortunately,

the blue panels require any replacement, it is important to note that since the damage is only in appearance, the owners can complete the repairs at their convenience.

We(Yumi Steel) can help you to avoid this problem and guide you right way for installation.If you installation and choice the right products for the roof,you can save your time or money to repaire them if suffered by hurricane disaster.

Like “you get what you pay for”,Post-storm repairs should be another consideration in your roof selection.

As mentioned above, metal roofs are an excellent choice in hurricane-prone areas because they are durable and resistant to damage from high-speed winds.
This improved performance means there's a good chance you won't face emergency repairs after a storm.

While no roof is hurricane or windproof, opting for a metal roof means you can skip the frenzy of trying to find a contractor (not to mention price gouging) in the days following a storm.
It also means you have a good chance of missing out on roof leaks and insurance claims.
Finally, while roof is truly hurricane-proof, metal roof offers distinct advantages for roofs in storm-prone areas.

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