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Can use metal sheet for interior or exterior walls?

Can use metal sheet for interior or exterior walls?


Metal wall panels are one of the most economical options to cover the building walls (exterior and interior). But, while the cost is important, it is not everything.

They are also extremely durable, rarely require additional frames, and are easy to replace or configure when building repairs or modifications are needed.

Metal wall panels are a choice that offers several advantages, including aesthetics, versatility, and durability. Metal panels can be highly customizable with different aesthetic profiles, colors, and orientations.

Many metal building sipanels come in a variety of colors and can be coordinated with the decoration of any building to create continuity.

Typically, you can install our panels either vertically or horizontally on the wall, according to your preference.

Metal wall panels are an ideal wall finish because they can be mounted to different materials, including solid base materials such as plywood or concrete block or over open framings such as wood or metal studs.

Safety is also a decisive factor when it comes to metal wall panels. Similar to roof panels, they act as a fire barrier if certain parts of the building or surrounding areas catch fire. Furthermore,

they can prevent standing water from creating mold or decay problems, thereby damaging the structural integrity of the building.

In addition to its aesthetic and safety rating, metal wallding is admired for its sustainability in the construction industry. Not only can they help reduce energy consumption in buildings, but they can also be recycled.

The recyclable metal can then be reorganized into other metal wall panels with the same structural integrity.

Because of this integrity, metal siding is often used in the local communities.

Buildings usually made of these panels include banks, hospitals, factories, offices, retail stores, warehouses, residences, apartments, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing facilities, recreational facilities, and schools.

Concealed Fastener Wall Systems

Concealed Fastener Wall Systems

Concealed fastener wall panels are installed with clips and/or fasteners that are placed beneath the wall panels, so they are hidden from view.

Exposed Fastener Wall Panel

Exposed Fastener Wall Panel

Exposed fixed metal roofs and wall panels are the most economical options for commercial projects. These systems consisted of overlapping panels that attached directly to the roof deck or wall frame via a metal surface.

They are called "exposed" because the fastener heads are still visible after installation. Exposed fastener panels are generally wider than vertical seam panels, meaning that fewer panels (and less labor) are required to cover the roof or standing wall areas.

Why metal wall panels?

With anticipated lifespans of 50 + years building

owners benefit from long-term performance.

Steel panels can span between structural supports saving money

on both secondary framing material and labor.

With options ranging from flush panels to the more traditional

ribbed design, metal wall panels offer great design flexibility.

Metal wall panels are economical to purchase,

install more quickly and are easier to repair/replace

than competing wall product options .

Metal panels offer greater color selection

than other wall coverings.

Metal wall panels can typically be produced to span from the ground to roof line

in one panel. This approach saves installation labor and creates

a more energy efficient building.

Some models for corrugated metal sheet for choice:

metal sheet supplier
steel sheet suppier

prepainted corrugated metal sheet

 We're incredibly proud of our robust wall panel offering.

 With panel gauges ranging different substrate and paint options and over 15 different panel configurations.

 We're ready to handle your projects from the routine to the exceptional.

 Whether you're looking for an economical wall panel or a statement element for your building, we have you covered.

 Learn more about our exposed or concealed fastened and insulated metal wall systems below or simply Contact Us (Yumi Steel), we're here to help.

Projects for steel metal sheet after installation:

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