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How to build a cold room with low-cost

How to build a cold room with low-cost


In many applications, especially in agricultural applications, it is sometimes necessary to transform existing brick walls or concrete rooms into inexpensive cold storage. In order to turn the room into a cold storage store, first, the walls must be insulated. 

This is essential because the temperature in the freezer is very low. Without insulation, the temperature passes through the walls, greatly reducing the efficiency. 

Usually for ordinary buildings into cold warehouse is for the wall roof insulation and install air conditioning. The wall heat insulation construction material requirements will be relatively complex.

In this regard, our product---PIR sandwich panels can solve many of your problems at one time, to help you better and faster to build or transform a refrigerator room. 

Not only can use as the new room for cold storage,also if you want to change your normal room into a cold room,thats a good materials for insulation for the wall and roof. See the following introduction :

Cold room PIR wall sandwich panels introduction   

Tongue and groove joint:

PIR sandwich panels supplier

Panel effective width:

920~1120 mm

Surface sheets:

Steel sheets(0.40 ~ 0.70 mm);

304 Stainless stee(0.40~0.50mm);

Al-Mg-Mn alloy metal sheets(0.60~0.90mm).

Panel thickness:

30/35/40/50/75/100/150/200/250 mm

Core material density:

38 ~ 42 KG/M³,normal 40KG/M3.

Regular color:

White grey, Sea blue, White sliver grey.

Special color:

As per RAL or customized.

Coating advice:


Length limitation:

Max 5.9m for 20FT;

Max 11.95m for 40FT.

Main application:

Cold room,food factory,cool room,freezer room,etc.c

Sandwich panel ribs type for choices:

There are four types for customer choice:

Wide ribs,Flat type,Micro ribs,Orange grains.

You can refer below picture for reference between them:

Sandwich panel ribs type

Polyurethane Panels Display:

Polyurethane Panels price

Cold storage panels installations:

Which foam is used for cold storage?

Application of the Cold Room Polyurethane Insulated Panels:

1.Dairy products freezer, including milk, cheese, curd, etc.

2. Cold storage for keeping fresh flowers

3. Fruit and vegetable cold storage

4. Meat storage is not frozen

5. Egg storage

6. Medicinal freezer

7. Industrial cold storage

8. Food cold storage

9. Storage of candy and chocolate

10. Beer and wine in cold storage

11. Morgue / morgfreezer

12. Mobile cold storage

13. Cold storage room with a generator for operation

14. Transform containers into cold storage

15. Cold storage in restaurants and hotels

Different temperature requirement need difference specification for the sandwich panel.We can recommend you how to choice the panel base on your requirements.

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