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Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021

Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021


2020 was end finally, recalling the extraordinary beginning and persistence of this year, the outbreak of pandemic swept all over the world, despite the difficulties, we were still moving forward. Will you be emotional?

Yumisteel team did feel emotional about 2020, we also met up difficulties, but fortunately, we got over all hard time by unity and mutual assistance. Hereby we would like to say thank you to all our valued clients, thank you very much for all your kind support and understanding at such special 2020. We also want to thank you for all our staffs, because of your hard working, we also achieve some some gratifying results.

☆ New production line & production base was built

Third production lines for polyurethane series panels

Third production line for polyurethane serious insulated laminated panels

New production base in Shanghai

Because of domestic large need,we built new production base in Shanghai

These two decisions were made by our group, and it highly improves our production capacity.

☆ New equipment of single skin metal panels

New corrugated metal panels equipment

Model No.:YX100-274.3-823

Corrugated metal panels for sales

Model No.:YX20-114.5-1035

1000mm wide metal roof panels

Model No.:YX38-250-1000

YX100-274.3-823 can be used as high rib metal roof panels or steel deck, we already produced around 200 tons for this type for our customer in Lebanon;

YX20-114.5-1035 is using 1200 mm steel coils, a wide single skin metal panels, suitable to use as wall panels of steel buildings;

YX38-250-1000 is using 1250 mm steel coils, it can be widely used as roof or wall metal panels.

☆ The annual output of sandwich panels exceeded 450,0000m²

Yumisteel sandwich panels output

The above chart statistics was until December 25th, 2020, hope our data will continue to grow up in the coming new year, thank you for everyone in Yumisteel who has worked hard for our growth.

☆ Some new projects we supplied in 2020

Metal building projects in Nigeria

Project name: SP2&FP2

Location:Lagos, Nigeria

Supplied items:Single skin metal panels,around 500 tons

Project status: Still under installation

The steel building supplied by Yumisteel

Project name: Duff Cassava plant

Location:Lagos, Nigeria

Supplied items:Metal panels and related accessories,around 23 tons

Project status:Finished installation in 2020

Yumisteel supplied power plant project

Project name: QUICKSTART, Spain TSK group, as the construction leader


Supplied items:Soundproof rockwool sandwich panels for roof and wall,38000m²

Project status:Still under installation

Yumisteel supplied steel building project

Project name: Insignia

Location:Lagos, Nigeria,5 steel buildings

Supplied items:Metal cladding with related installation accessories,58 tons

Project status:Finished installation in 2020

2021 has arrived, and Yumisteel team will continue to work hard to offer every valued customer with better service and ensure product quality. Happy New Year!

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.