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Clip lock standing seam profiled metal sheets for Roof

This metal roofing is recommended for large span buildings.The roof panel need to be locked by machine or hand,after clip locked,the standing seam roof system could be completely impervious and waterproof. MOQ:500M² / Color&Size
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  • lead time:

    7-15 days
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    Xiamen / Qingdao / Tianjin,China
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    T/T; LC at sight
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available colours
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Standing seam roofing sheets features

☆ With clip locked joint way,after installation,the whole roofing system can be

completely impervious and waterproof;

☆ Most of projects will choose Al-Mg-Mn alloy metal sheets to make this roofing sheets.Because this material is highly malleable,the standing seam roofing sheets could be installed as dome of different sizes or other more artistic roof shape;

☆ The drain slope of clip lock standing roof is at a perfect degree,so the drainage and waterproof performance of the whole structure is excellent;

☆ Color could be customized,and aluminum metal roofing is environmentally friendly and anti-corrosion material;

☆ With simple structure,light,safe,smooth lines features,this standing seam roofing panel makes buildings in beautiful appearance.

Standing seam roof panel joint types

☆ Classic double lock joint type 01:

Cliplock metal roofing sheets Classic joint type 01

☆ Classic double lock joint type 02:

Cliplock metal roofing sheets Classic joint type 02

☆ Single lock joint type:

Single lock standing seam roof system for sales

Metal roof panel application

It is mainly used for roofing systems of resorts, upscale hotels, clubs, exhibition halls, residential houses, etc

Profiled roofing sheets specifications

Model NO. :

YX 25-150/330/430

Rib height  :

25 mm

Rib distance  :


Modular width  :

150 / 330 / 430 mm

Feeding width :

200 / 500 / 600 mm

Available thickness :

0.30 - 0.75 mm for steel sheets;

0.70 - 1.20 mm for aluminum sheets and Al-Mg-Mn alloy metal sheets

Available length :

20FT container:  ≤ 5.95m
40FT container: ≤ 11.95m

Available material :

PPGI/ PPGL/ Aluminum sheets/ Al-Mg-Mn alloy metal sheets

Surface treatment :

Original pre-painted color

Coating type :

PE, PVDF, HDP, SMP, etc.

Profiled metal roofing products renderings

Dk grey standing seam roofing system for sales

Aluminum standing seam roofing system supplier

Profiled standing seam roofing panels manufacturer

Lock standing seam roofing sheets for sales

Packing & Delivery:

☆ Packing:

Seaworthy packing standards:

Premium packing:

Packed with steel box,in order to protect the panels in good status before installation.

☆ Delivery:

Delivery time for regular colors,coating types and thickness: 7-10 days ;

Delivery time for special colors,coating types and thickness: 15-25 day;

Delivery term: FOB/CIF/CFR/DDP is available;

We can find good forwarder for customer or accept appointed forwarder from customers.

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