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Online influencer style design modular house shop

Finished design shop style container house, turn key project for any shop owner MOQ: 1 set
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    7-14 days
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    Xiamen/Tianjin/Qingdao/Shanghai, China
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    T/T; L/C at sight
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Model design

Model: YMCTNS-09

Two storey modular house shop units for easy install of a turn-key project on site for open up new shop. Designed to be applied for different purpose including coffee shop, cake shop, juice bar and etc.    

House is built with 7 standard size container house and 1 container house base for balcony base. Internal stair can be installed center or side way depend on customer requirements. 

Ground floor is designed to have selfing area, a toilet and office room modular house shop supplier
First floor provide area for customer dining in.   modular shop house manufacturer

Our advantages 

1. High resist:Galvanized Steel Frame

A. We use hot dip galvanized Q235 steel for all the beams, columns, and purlins. It is high performance and anti-rust. Some factories only use electrolytic plate or black steel material, which will rust very easily.

B. We use 2.5mm galvanized steel (2.7mm after painting). Other factories only use 2.3mm steel (2.5mm after painting). This will easily bend when you hold and transfer it.

2. Large Space & Luxurious Decoration

A.  Large space: Our standard outside size is 6x2.438x2.85 meters. The internal space of the unit is 5.83x2.313x2.6 meters. This is larger than most shipping containers which are only 6x2.4x2.35 meters.

B.  Luxurious decoration: The steel structure is hidden inside the walls, the electric cables are hidden inside the ceiling, and there is also plastic corner hemming.

3. High Performance Drain System

A. Our units feature a four-side inner drain system. The bending piece with a slot and aqueduct, which are hidden in columns,work together to make water flow easily out. Even heavy rain won't clog this drainage system. Other factories' drainage channels are small and the drains are easily blocked.

B. All our containers use bolts for assemble. No welding is required. This means easy assembly of the container house. There is no need use a forklift or crane. It is easy for 2 adults to move all the materials and assemble it.

4. Strong Hanging Head

We use 3.5mm steel (3.7mm after painting) for the hanging head. It is very strong and ensures safety while lifting.

5. Durable Iron Ceiling

A. We use 0.426mm iron ceiling which is simple and durable.

B.  Plastic hemming hides the electric cables inside.

6. Wave Tile For The Roof

We use 0.426mm wave tile. The tile is inserted into another tiles' wave which prevents the roof from leaking. The curved roof also makes drainage faster.


1. Modular portable container house is designed according to specifications of shipping container exactly. It is made of prefab light steel as house frame and sandwich panel for wall and roof, then facilitated with windows, doors, flooring, ceiling, and other additional accessories.

20ft portable container house specification: 6055mm*2438mm*2591mm

Customized dimension is available for large order quantity

2. Our portable container houses are mostly used for house living and superior office, with flexible design to suit various needs, especially in following cases:

Short construction period and few workers,

Need temporary buildings ready in a short time,

Site constrains to prefab house,

Great fluctuation in number of workers during construction.

They are also widely applied to warehouse, storage, dormitory, kitchen, shower room, locker room, meeting room, classroom, command room, shop, kiosk, portable toilet, etc.

3. More characteristics

Convenient and various transportation, can be transported as a shipping container, or flat packed.

Easily removed for short distance, can be relocated without disassembling.

Tough steel structure improve wind resistant, and seismic resistant.

Sandwich panel for wall and roof keep good insulation, soundproof, waterproof.

Flexible designs as per your preference.

Environment friendly. No waste to be discarded.

House parts can be separately according to your requirements.

Little requirements on ground base. Being tough and flat is OK.

Product details

Material Item Standard
Structural steel properties Not less than Q235 steel in GB/T 700, the allowable deviation of the thickness of the steel plate meets the requirements of GB / T3524-2005.
Fiber cement slab for floor

Meet the requirements of JC / T 412.1-2006 high density

non-asbestos fiber cement slab.

Color steel sandwich panel for interior wall panel or ceiling panel

Complywith  the requirements of GB / T12754-2006, the core material should be 

made of non-combustible materials

Color steel plate for roof covering panel

Meet the requirements of GB / T 12754-2006, and the substrate 

coating is not lower than the requirement of corrosive environment

for intermediate level

Particleboard for interior wall panels or ceiling panels

Meet the requirements of GB / T 4897.3-2003

Galvanized steel sheet for bottom sealing plate

Meet the requirements of GB / T15675-2008.

Insulation rockwool/glass wool

Meet the requirements of GB / T 11835-2007

Interior corner PVC profiles, skirting lines, door and window cover lines, etc.

Meet the requirements of GB / T 8814-2004.

Performance level of ordinary fasteners for connecting corner posts and top and bottom corner pieces

Not lower than the requirements of level 4.8 in GB / T 3098.1-2010 and GB / T 3098.2-2000

Self-tapping screws

Meet the requirements of GB / T 15856.5

Blind Rivets

Meet the requirements of GB / T 12618.1

Welding of steel structures

There should be no undercuts, root shrinkage, crater cracks, slag inclusions 

on the surface, blowholes, false welds, missing welds,


PVC floor panels for floor decoration

Meet the requirements of GB / T 11982.1-2005

Advantages of container house

High resist material

Able to endure natural disaster like hurricane and seismic. Made of galvanized steel frame which provide strength against force from horizontal and vertical. Wall and roofing are made of mineral wool sandwich panels which have great heat insulation. Panels are coated with PE coating to help surface metal resist to chemicals.

Fast assemble

Designed to be easily assembled. Can easily installed at site and be used for accommodate. Compare to traditional building process require much less workers and constructing time. An experienced team of worker can assemble each container house in few hour. 


Can be used for living, office and hospital. All parts except frame of the container house are removable which enable clients combine any numbers of the container house together. Can even been stacked to maximum of three storey. The panels are also interchangeable, clients can decide to use different insulation material to achieve different goal. For example, PU panel can be used for better heat insulation, EPS panel can be used to reduce the weight of the entire container house.

Environmental friendly

Unlike traditional building, container house are portable after use. You can disassemble the container house and move it to other places and reuse it. Otherwise, traditional building will stay in one place and waste all the material and human resource built it.

Easy to transport

Our container house comes in a container tightly packed to avoid and damage during transportation which also helps them easy to transport. Unlike traditional building would require roads that can endure trucks weigh more than 20 ton.

Customized manufacture

If you wish to have your own twist on top of our product or design your own container house. Our professional designer can help you to build a 3D model. Our manufacture will follow the design to ship out the container house as you imagine it to be.

Installation guide

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.